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What is Social Lynx

Social Lynx is a platform that helps creators and brands drive traffic to their social media content or website.

Every time your audience generates a sale on Social Lynx you'll earn up to 20% commission on each sale.

There are over 200 million content creators and brands worldwide trying to grow their audience. Partner with us and you'll get paid to help them reach their goals and increase their visibility online.

Earnings are automatically deposited monthly into your PayPal account.

Ways to Earn

Social Lyxn provides a comprehensive affiliate program with 3 ways to earn!

Profile Boost Sales

Promote Social Lynx to content creators looking to grow their audience.

When creators join Social Lynx they'll gain access to a number of growth tools.

Each time a creator purchases our profile boost feature you'll earn up to 20% commission.

Ad Sales

Promote Social Lynx to brands looking for effective digital marketing.

Everytime an advertiser creates an ad on Social Lynx you'll be compensated up to 20% of the sale.

Traffic Conversions

Promote the most lucrative pay-per-click CPA affiliate program to your audience.

Social Lynx is a massive content creator marketplace with all kinds of content for social media enthusiasts.

Each time your audience clicks on a creator profile you'll be compensated.


Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who has a large online audience or email list and is looking to generate passive income should become a Social Lynx affiliate.

Social Lynx provides marketing services to content creators and brands. Every time a user purchases marketing services or creates an ad through your affilaite link, youll earn up to 20% of the sale.

Yes, a PayPal personal or business account is required. Social Lynx will deposit your affiliate earnings directly into your account each month.

Social Lynx pays affiliates on a monthly basis. Provide a PayPal account to recieve automatic deposit of the Pay-Per-Action (PPA) revenue you earn monthly.

There is no cap on how much you can earn as an affiliate. Our user set their own marketing budget so there is no limit on how much affilaites can earn. Our average sale is currently $37 USD per transaction.