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How Social Lynx Works

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Why it Works

Social Lynx is a top of the funnel CPM ad solution that connects content creators and brands with 10M+ social media users.

Align your business with content in our creator marketplace that attracts your ideal target audience.

  • Use artificial intelligence algorithms to be seen by the right audience
  • Drive new online sales and increase your conversions
  • Reduce monthly ad spend and maximize your ROAS
  • CPM display marketing guarantees brand awareness and visibility
  • Boost brand engagement and acquire new customers
  • Optimize your campaign with powerful reporting and analytics tools
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    * This is an estimate based on average conversions across all marketing categories and social media platforms

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, you can cancel or pause your account at any time. If you temporarily pause your account you will be able to turn it back on at any time and resume your campaign immediately.

    Your ads will be seen by the Social Lynx community. Your ad will be displayed in the creator marketplace feed and on creator pages, based on the campaign attributes that you've setup in ad manager.

    Social Lyxn has a large user audience interested in all kinds of content. Your campaign attributes and the size of your budget will determine how many users see your ads on the Social Lynx site. Use the audience size calculator when setting up your ad campaign to determine your potenital reach.

    Every brand has unique advertising goals so Social Lyxn gives you the control to set your own budget. Set your budget as small or as large as you'd like to generate the number of sales or conversions that you would like to achieve. Social Lynx is a performance-based, cost-per-impression (CPM) platform, so you'll only be charged if someone interacts with your ad. Billing happens every 30 days, for active ads, based on campaign start date or if your balance exceeds $500.